Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Part 1: I recently noticed a new mark on my desk....obvious artwork by a precosious 3 year old. I couldn't get mad at him because obviously I hadn't been the one watching him while he channeled his inner Picaso and he had tried to keep his abstractness on the nearby piece of paper.

Part 2: Keller loves to take the camera and take random pictures around the house. It's quite comical what he finds picture-worthy.

Part 3: Look at what I found when I downloaded the last set of pics from my camera:

He loved his artwork enough to take a picture of it....and got himself caught red-handed!

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Jen said...

Very funny! Keller and Owen seem to be getting into about the same kind of mischeif. It must be the age, he even loves maps too. Keller is much better at listening in primary though... very cute!