Sunday, January 3, 2010

Keller's 3rd B-Day on the Road..... Papa D's house we go.

The day after Christmas we headed to my Dad's house near Sacramento, CA. We loaded up the trusty Tahoe and hit the road for our 10-hour adventure. If it wasn't for 'Santa Buddies' on the DVD player I think Kel would have gone insane! It was Keller's 3rd birthday on the road. Luckily, Grandma packed us a birthday bag to break out at lunch. So at Carl's Jr on I-5, we celebrated:

The next day we really celebrated our Monster's birthday.

With a monster truck:

With Monster in control of the camera:
With monster football:
[Check out his famous hike. He calls out 'Red 32, Blue 19, Hike' before he throws it]
With a monster sports cake:

With monster faces:
With monster presents:
It was an excellent birthday hosted by Dad & Candise. Thanks for the friends, food & festivities....

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