Thursday, January 21, 2010


Last week Chad & I completed our final Dale Carnegie Course Endorsement....and we PASSED! It was quite a jam-packed 4-day, 12-hours/day session. There were tears. [Chad is such a cry baby!] There were frustrations. There were laughs. There were lots of good times.

This class culminates almost 250 hours of traning, class time & study time on Dana's side & over 350 hours for Chad.

This means that we are now certified Dale Carnegie Course trainers. Chad is right into things & teaching the current Tuesday night Dale Carnegie Course. Dana is set to work on the Gen.Next program this summer -- a Dale Carnegie Course designed specifically for high school sophomores, juniors & seniors.


Scott and Kourt said...

Congrats that is awesome.

Haven said...

My parents took that course 25 years ago and the phrase, "I just used my Dale Carnegie," is still being used reguarly. He was like a lost uncle to me while growing up. So apparently it does have an impact on people's lives. Way to be so dedicated 250/350 hrs!?... I hope they pay well.