Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Passed!

Last week, Chad & I successfully completed the Dale Carnegie Core Competency Training. This class set us up to become trainers for Dale Carnegie Training.

It was a rough, grueling 4-day class that pushed each of us into new areas that we needed to master to become competent trainers. This class was the capstone to a 3-month, once-a-week class we have both been participating in on Monday nights. This also follows completion of the original 12-week Dale Carnegie Course + coaching / assisting in several other 12-week Dale Carnegie Courses this year in Nevada.

We are happy to have this class successfully completed. We are now up for another 4-day Dale Carnegie Endorsement Course set for mid-January. At that point, we are hoping for the go-ahead to be fully-certified Dale Carnegie instructors. Go Team D.C.!

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