Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kellerisms, Part 3

Keller has had some doosies lately:

*Whenever we are disciplining him or he doesn't want much to do with what we are saying, he responds, "Mom / Dad - You are making me crazy!"

*Two very common phrases as of late:
"I have one more thing to tell you." This is often said as I am walking out of his room at naptime to prolong the fact that he has to have a nap.
"I have a question." Is his other favorite thing to say before EVERY question.

*He cannot figure out the the passage of time. Everything we did yesterday was "last year," and everything we did 6 months ago was "last week."

*When Keller has been playing with any of his toys & they are not cooperating with him, he puts them in timeout. At various times of the day I find his basketball, favorite Baby Bear or puzzles on the stairs in timeout. To Keller's credit -- he follows all of Supernanny's techniques perfectly!

*Keller has been playing some new educational games on the computer. is one of his favorite sites. Yesterday, Chad showed him how to use the mouse and Keller promptly kicked Chad out of the office to play games by himself. Chad sat down with his laptop in the office and after a few minutes Chad heard the printer come on. Thinking Keller had printed something he shouldn't have Chad said, "Kel, what are you doing?" Keller said, "Dad, I want to color now." Keller had found the coloring book icon, found the picture of Curious George he wanted, sent it to the printer & OK'd the print job. He had watched me do this ONCE on the computer for him before.

This child makes us laugh nearly every time he opens his mouth!

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