Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Keller has always had pronounced the world HELICOPTER as 'HELI - HOPTER'.

It is one of my favorite words he can't say -- along with:
'babberies' [batteries]
'alumimum' [aluminum] &
the ever-famous-when-you-want-to-swear-you-have-your-child-do-it-for-you,
'fire **uck'. [Use that non-BYU-approved imagination!]

Just the other day, as he was watching Rachel on Signing Time for the 184th time in a row as she signed 'helicopter', he did the sign and said it correctly - 'helicopter'.

I really wanted to correct him back to the incorrect version because it makes me smile.

Oh well -- Hey Keller -- what's that big red vehicle driving down the road?

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