Monday, October 5, 2009

Arizona - Recruiter Style

Being a college recruiter / admission counselor has its ups & downs. I try to find the 'perks' when I am on the road for an extended amount of time. Here are a few from my Arizona adventures last week:That's the infamous SUU travel piece

*It's the middle of the day & I have time to kill between a high school presentation & college fair in the evening. Why not hit up a matinee @ 1:20PM? Why not be THE ONLY person in the theater to enjoy the show & laugh out loud at all your favorite parts?

*This is Zippy.

She was my sporty Pontiac G6 I drove in AZ last week. Good thing she had cruise control to keep me from visiting with the AZHP. [That would be Arizona Highway Patrol.]

*Three hotels into my journey & I'm starting to get tired of the hum-drum Holiday Inn Express. I walked into my room in Prescott, AZ to find a red wall. It made me feel a bit more at home.

*Totally had the best sandwich at a dive bar in Tucson called Bison Witches. Totally saw a drug deal happen outside said dive bar minutes before the rest of my party arrived.

*Zippy had XM Satelite Radio. Fancy! My favorite station:

Took me back to my high school days rocking to REM's 'It's the End of the World'.

Most overplayed artist on all of XM radio stations: Taylor freakin' Swift.
Most underplayed artist on all of XM radio: The Eagles.
[That is classic Americana road trip music. Taylor freakin' Swift got nothing on Don Henley!]

*And the award for 'Weirdest Presidential Display located in a Tucson Convention Center' goes to:

*My grandpa taught me you can't go the same way twice. If I've got time to kill, you can find me on the nearest Scenic Byway to my next destination. Like last year, I visited Jerome, AZ. Talk about a cool town! Used to be a bustling mining town in the early 1900's & now is just shops & cafes for the 300 people that call it home. It is literally built into the side of the mountain. Worth the drive!

*Just for fun in the AZ desert....Why not paint your truck bright pink?

*Love to eat at the local hot spot.....especially with great company!
Katie Jo & Kate [USU], me, Rachel [Snow]


AshleyS said...

i laughed out loud at your "red wall-made me feel at home" comment.

The Hinckley's said...

I agree...The Eagles are the best! Taylor Swift is getting real annoying hearing her on all the channels all day long. :)

Hali said...

OH... the memories. You crack me up. I take pics like you do while on the road, and I certainly share some of the same entertainment. Glad you had fun: more so, that you're home safe and sound and back to sanity (as you know it). :-)

PS... I love red walls. I WILL have a red wall. Some day.

The Funderburks said...

You know it. I get so excited for and also dread work related travel. You know how to make it fun!

Scott and Kourt said...

It sounds like The glass Castle would be an excellent read for you. if you have nopt already read it this little family travels to many of the small towns around AZ and NV that you can also go on your Scenic Byways. You do a great job recruiting for SUU. The admition this year is amazing. Go Thor and Mrs. Dana. I believe that SUU is the best rockin University :)