Monday, August 10, 2009

My Love / Hate Relationship with I-15

I have a definite love / hate relationship with that paved thoroughfare of I-15. I travel up & down this corridor A LOT -- like from Las Vegas to Cedar, City, UT [180 miles: 2 1/2 hours flat from my driveway to Cedar City Exit 57] about twice a month for work or various family events. It's a lot for a girl to handle after so long:

I love the fact I can get from here to there quickly.
I hate the fact that the stretch between Las Vegas & Mesquite seems to take feel like 5,467 miles.

I love the scenery in southern Utah.

I hate the scenery of the Nevada dessert. [Really, don't even get me started on the drive between Las Vegas & Ely, NV. Waste of taxpayer road money!]

I love the fact I gain an hour driving home to Nevada from Utah.
I hate the fact I lose an hour driving to Utah. [That means a girl who has an event at SUU at 8AM has to hit the road 5:30AM.]

I love the invention of the portable DVD player for my ADD 2 year old.

I LOVE the invention of the portable DVD player for my ADD 28 year old.

I love that I try to beat our TomTom GPS [Thomas as I like to call him, or Tomas if he's led me astray] with his 'Estimated Time of Arrival'.

I hate that there is just one straight line that shows up on TomTom as I drive for miles on end. [There's not even a cool 'Scenic Byway' between here & there.] [Not like I really need TomTom anyway -- I've driven this road 954 times.]

A girl can't complain too much. It's not the two weeks it would have taken by covered wagon. It's not the lack of my favorite vehicle to drive. It's just a stinkin' line - line - line down the road week after week.
[Not an actual picture of my I-15. The angels of God do not part the clouds and shine light like that on my stretch of I-15.]


The Funderburks said...

Funny. What is it about that Mesquite/Vegas stretch? It's awful. I also share a love hate relationship with this route. I'll never forget when I was headed off for my study abroad in Scotland, flying out of the Vegas airport and we hit majorly backed up traffic just outside of Vegas because of a wreck. I was out of my mind stressed out! Ever since then I head to the airport a good extra hour ahead of schedule!

k.k. chamberlain said...

Agreed abt Vegas/Mesquite. It's endless! And not to mention ... construction. When is it every going to be finished? Every time I drive through Hoover Dam, I just tell myself, "Hopefully this is the last time I'll ever do this," because even when they finish the new route, it looks waaaay to scary to go on.

Amber Lee said...

i only have 1 free hand but wanted to say very cute post!

Scott and Kourt said...

Hi Dana, not sure if you remember me. Chad was in my bishopric forever ago and then we had psy classes together. My husband and Scott were friends at SUU. Anyway, I just had to agree being from Vegas and leaving in Cedar still I know about that long trip. That is awesome that you are still working with the school. I am guessing with ambassador stuff. It is god to see your blog. Scott says hello too.