Saturday, July 25, 2009

Painted Mountain Young Women Camp '09

Yes -- I spent 3 days last week at ol' Camp Stimson on Mt. Charleston for Young Women Camp.
Yes -- I have some of the cutest YW around.
Yes -- We had to wear these kick-A bonnets & skirts to re-enact a pioneer trek.Yes -- That's a real handcart.
Yes -- The rain started coming down.
Yes -- It rained A LOT.
Yes -- We actually got 'evacated' from camp.
Yes -- Some other ward's girls were crying & scared of the rain. My YW were happy there was hot chocolate!

Yes -- It was a great & shortened week, but gotta love anytime spent in the mountains and with some great YW & fun leaders.


Jill said...


Your blog always cracks me up! glad you had fun camping. I hate it! bring on the marriott!

Jeanine said...

You are soo good! Anything to do with girls 'camping'- I'm out.