Friday, July 10, 2009

Jury Duty

Never before have a seen a man so happy to receive a Jury Summons. He was literally talking about it ALL night.

Mr. Marchant feels his call for civic duty!


Jeanine said...

I am in his club!!! I wanted jury duty SO bad and I finally got it in Cedar the day we signed our teaching contracts in Blanding. I was MAD. THEN, even better-- I was summoned to Federal jury duty in SLC. I was STOKED!!! It was for like a 6 month period I had to be ready to go up there and it was right after I had Sadie. UGH. So I could get out of it because I was a full time care taker. I was SO sad to mark that box. I am jealous of Chad, you will have to let me know if he gets on the case!

Sharps said...

HEY girl! We saw you at Tuachan and I was yelling your name! At one point you looked at me, I waved, and you turned back around! DENIED!!! :) It was too loud for you to hear! I never got to talk to you (obviously) ! But I hope you loved it as much as we did!

Dana Marchant said...

LIZ -- Are you serious? I would have LOVED to have gotten a chance to catch up. So sorry!