Monday, March 16, 2009

Garage Sale - Memories For Sale

My Mom and I decided to have a little garage sale this last weekend to clean out the amount of 'stuff' we both have. As I was going through bins & bins of 'stuff', I found a lot of ol' funny memories to sell:


While in college at SUU, I worked in what was then called the School Relations Office as a student worker. One of the guys that worked in the Registrar's Office [we all shared the same office] and I had a lot of the same classes together....but not a lot of the same feelings for each other. Apparently, he had a bit of a crush on me and I found this teddy bear on my chair as I got to work on Valentine's Day one year. You could squeeze it and it would make kissy noises. Poor guy -- the bear kinda freaked me out and we never even went on a date.

NO -- This did not sell. But some cute girl who shops at Goodwill will love it!


Neither Chad or I drink, but when we went on a quick dash over the border to Tiajuana, MX -- We HAD to barter with several storekeepers to bring this gem home. We used it once for a party.

NO -- This did not sell. Anyone wanna mocktail party?


While on a vacation in Florida 3 1/2 years ago, I loved to carry this hideously huge, ridiculously-colored purse because I thought it screamed, "I'm on a tropical summer vacation!"

NO -- This did not sell. But I sure do wish I was back on a tropical vacation.


We had some great friends who were attending the University of Nebraska - Lincoln for graduate school who sent us some official Cornhusker Cornheads. We thought they were hilarious and even broke them out for the Corndog Party one year. [Cornheads, Corndogs -- Just an excuse to wear a hilarious hat!] I was laughing so hard on Saturday when I little boy came to the garage sale and put them on as slippers.

YES -- They sold! A funny guy in his mid-30's bought them because he thought he could break them out on a Guys Poker Night when everybody was hammered and someone would wear them and do a dance.

Overall - Great garage sale and I had some good laughs sorting through 'stuff'.

P.S. Nick & Jeanine and anyone else from the ol' Maria Smith apartments in Cedar City -- We sold the green couch that became a legendary traveling practical joke. At least the dead Christmas tree isn't still around!


The Hinckley's said...

How sad is it that we had a Cornhusker Cornhead!! :) My Dad is from Nebraska and a HUGE Cornhusker fan so it was a household item growing up!

Jeanine said...

OH- Bye Bye couch! Wasn't that just the perfect small couch. I am not sure it was comfy but it was sure cute!