Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank You Officer

You know those excuses you are always waiting to use when you see this in your mirror?
"Sir, my wife is in labor." or "I am having a heart attack." I finally got my chance!

I was on the way to the doctor's office with a very sick Keller who had been having trouble breathing most of the afternoon due to a cold/congestion/asthma attack. I guess I was in a bit of a hurry to get there to get the last appt. of the day [It was 4:25PM - last appt. is 4:30PM] when I saw a nice LV Metro police officer in my rearview mirror. As he approached the car, I fell apart. With tears in my eyes, I rolled down the window. Mind you -- I had been home most of the day trying to get Keller's breathing under control and was really worried at this point. I was a wreck. I don't usually cry when I get pulled over because I think it's a lame female 'cop out' [excuse the pun!]. The nice police officer told me I was going a bit fast and asked for my driver's licence. I was fumbling trying to get it out of my wallet and explained to him that I needed to get 'there' - pointing to the doctor's office that was in view - to get my son's asthma under control. He was kind enough to ask if I needed an ambulance. He looked at my licence, registration, insurance and handed them back a second later and said, "Against my better judgement, Miss Marchant, I'm going to let you take care of your son." He then proceeded to stop traffic for me to get back on the road and drive the 100 yards to the doctor's office.

Thank you Mr. Officer.

Keller is much better now. He also thanks Mr. Officer.


Alli Waldron said...

I'm jealous (not about the sick kid though)! I never get out of tickets!!!

Katherine said...

"against my better judgement"..
It's like he's having the last word and upsurping his authority.
I'm glad he let you off, but he could have left that line out! Save that for the drivers that are texting or applying mascara or the likes while they speed. Not the mom just trying to help their child!
Glad Keller is doing better :)

Chow and Russ said...

It's nice to hear there is at least one decent police officer in this country.

Jeanine said...

K, I got pulled over going to a Drs appt in Santa Clara and I was within 100 yards of the clinic. I had never been pulled over before so I was SOO scared! I was shaking and tryinig so hard not to cry. He asked me if I knew why I got pulled over, which I really didn't because I didn't even know the speed limit on that road. He tells me I am going 10 over. Then he left to run my stuff and I was like FREAKING out and tearing up. When he got back he could tell I was rattled and was like Slow down. I said Sorry and he goes, It is okay you really weren't going that fast. I was thanks and drove the last 100 yards. Then I kept thinking- ok, if I wasn't going that fast why did you pull me over. I was grateful to not get a ticket, but baffled at his comment. I love how they finish stuff out, "Against my better judgement" come on really?! Your judgement is that a mother freaked out because her son isn't breathing is really not a reason to be speeding?! Hum... what kind of judgement does this guy have? "I am going to let you take care of your son" Opposed to what?!!! Letting him die in the back seat, but that would probably be against his better judgement! I am glad you didn't get a ticket though- And this is a marathon comment. Sorry.

AshleyS said...

poor little kel! asthma is the pits! glad you got out of the ticket, but "against my better judgement?" what a dork that cop was. just another crazy day in the life of chd and dana. tell kel hailey wants him to be her valentine.

Lenzi said...

Yeah for awesome reasons to get out of a ticket....besides Keller actually being sick.

I'm glad he wasn't a jerk about it!!

Jason and Andrea Wilcock said...

I'm glad Keller is okay.

I'm very jealous of your 70 degrees weather!!! We are SO tired of the snow.

Hey, I'm looking for a good book or video that teaches sign language to kids. I need it for our little preschool group and more specifically, I'm looking for one that teaches all the colors. Do you know if any of Rachel's teach colors or do you have a favorite book? THANKS!