Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hell Freezes Over

I thought Monday was a fluke of a snowstorm. Little did I know what Wednesday would bring.
This was a REAL snowstorm! We got about 4" at our house.
Compare the SNOW on the patio table today vs. Monday:

We haven't had snow like this is Las Vegas since the 70's. Clark County School District actually cancelled school today. Have you ever heard of a 'Snow Day' in Las Vegas?


Natalie said...

I've been thinking of you in the snow! I bet people are freaking out. Everyone here makes a big deal of it too, always cancelling school- I think its all silly- its just snow! I'm looking forward to Oregon - they said they have had snow 3 times in 10 years. nice.

Lenzi said...

Yep! Next thing you know unicorns will be flying across the sky!! :)

Our boys definitely enjoyed their day off!! Especially since it was pretty nice and sunny with NO snow at our house today... Nice "Snow Day" Clark County. Nice.