Monday, November 17, 2008

Road Tripin' To Ely

I had a quick overnight trip to the lovely Ely, Nevada for SUU this weekend. Can't say it's one of my favorite trips, but I did find a few favorite things.....

My Favorite Things About Ely:

1. My Motel: This place was a GEM!
I think this switch is circa 1965.

Check out that tile!

Thanks Great Grandma Goose for donating this lovely wallhanging in 1979.

2. The cute high school junior who checked me into my motel room. When he asked me for my home address and asked if my zip code was '89123', I said "No, My zip is 89***'." He said, "Oh yeah, Las Vegas has like 4 zip codes now, huh?" Nice try my friend -- Try about 24!

3. This sign on one of the lonliest stretches of highway:
4. Having 2 options for dinner after 8PM on a Sunday night: Arbys & McDonalds. French fries here I come!

5. Getting reaccqainted with some old CDs that I hadn't listened to in years since I had an 8 hour round trip.

Luckily -- There were some beautiful fall colors in Pahrangat Valley that added some variety to large boulders, dirt & lonely road.


David and Erin said...

Gotta love random work trips! After seeing that bathroom I'd get tested for hepatitis :).

Jeanine said...

I love it! It kinda reminds me of Blanding although with out the Arbys and Mcdonalds and nothing stays open until 8 pm! :)

The Hughes' said...

Oh always make boring, dull places look like a lot of fun to visit. That hotel room was fancy, are you sure they didn't give you the honeymoon suite?


oh and yay for Oprah, I got in on that sweet deal!

The Funderburks said...

Great Grandma Goose! Ha! Bless your heart for trekking out there year after year! Hip hip hooray for rural Nevada!