Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Donut Taste Test

This past Saturday's morning activity: Donut Taste TestingAfter our extensive testing:

We have a winner: Vons.
Good consistency. Excellent glaze.

[Of course we all know a hot, chewy Krispy Kreme would blow them all out of the water -- We were just trying the local grocery stores this morning....]

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Jeanine said...

Nick told me that Albertsons and Smiths are both frozen and they drop them in the fryer but Lins makes them fresh every morning. (His buddy used to manage Albertsons) So when Nick wants a donut he always heads to Lins. So maybe Vons is part of the Associated Foods chain that makes them fresh- I don't know but I do know that those two are frozen- so definately not as good. That is funny that you tested them. Nick and I did rootbeer testing a while ago too. Sometimes you just got to know-huh!