Sunday, September 21, 2008

A to Z - AZ 2008 - Week on the Road

More than covering just the excitement of the college fairs [which I know you are on pins and needles waiting for...],I think the excitement of the food/adventures make a better story on this road trip....

Op-Shop College Fair
My first college fair was in Mesa, AZ. Great turnout - great students! There were several other schools from Utah at the fair. When you are a recruiter in Utah, you watch out for your own - state that is. We all become really good friends since we share these crazy road trips together. We also refer students back & forth to each other - and we always make sure to send each other the crazy students who are looking to study dinosaurs and smell like weed. [I had one at this fair - He was a classic story I'll share another time...]

After the fair we try to find a local eatery and swap stories and laugh 'til it hurts. We went to Firebird's in Chandler. One of my favorite steak places ever. Highly recommend.

Tucson College Fair
Headed down to the southern end of Arizona the next night. Crazy college fair - only had one pom-pom and handful of pens stolen in the chaos. Went to a cool bar/deli called Bison Witches by U of A at the end of the night. It's a dive with huge portion sizes and excellent service.

Part of the 'Utah crew': Me: SUU, Erin: UVU, Nick: U of U, Rachel: Snow College.

Prescott Valley College Fair
I'd never been to Prescott, AZ before and was VERY impressed! Bigger town [100,000 people throughout the big valley] with an adorable historic district with cool bars, restaurants & antique stores. Met some of my favorite students here. On the way to dinner we found this 'no-words-can-possibly-describe-so-see-for-yourself car'.

Yes, those are rubber ducks glued to the hood & faucets for hood ornament and tow hitch. This was not just some piece of art. It REALLY was someone's car.

Went to a fun restaurant called 'The Office' for dinner and shut the place down because we were telling stories and laughing so hard.

My Day on the Road to Flagstaff

I took the 'backroads' on day and headed through Prescott to Jerome and on to Sedona and on to Flagstaff. Jerome is a tiny ol' mining town [population 100] set up in the mountains of the Verde Valley. It is the coolest little town literally set into the mountains. Here is the 2 lane highway:

There is the haunted Jerome Grand Hotel which was originally constructed as a hospital - now a restored hotel with friendly ghosts. View from the Jerome Grand Hotel:
Onto to Sedona which is one of the prettiest places on earth. Drove up Oak Creek Canyon to get to Flagstaff. One of my favorite scenic byways ever.

Flagstaff College Fair

All week I had been envying Fran from Weber State who always gets upgrades on his rental cars, hotel rooms, etc. I finally get up the gusto to ask for an upgrade at my hotel in Flagstaff and I was successful with my acquisition of the Sunset Suite at the Holiday Inn Express:

Please notice that no pictures follow -- the room was not what I call 'suite'.

Me at the Flagstaff College Fair:
[I do actually work.]

I covered [no joke] 1600 miles in 9 days.


kalierae chamberlain said...

We love Sedona and Oak Creek! We drive that way to Flagstaff whenever we can. Too bad you were so close and I didn't even know it. You have the most fun job ever!@

David and Erin said...

I see, I mean the cat! That thing is the funniest inside joke EVER!

I'm so glad we had shenanigans to share on the road. Thanks for putting up with my chaos (the Whirling Durvish)! I'll travel with you ANY day!

Natalie said...

Sounds like our last trip- we did 3000+ miles in 10 days. got you beat! :) looks like fun. So tell me, should Ben interview in Vegas???

The Funderburks said...

Love that table cloth! Dana, you are so cute! I am glad you came to know Mr. Nick Robbins. Good TIMES!