Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Celebrations

My mom and best friend, Kimmy, share the same birthday -- August 22nd. To celebrate this year a small group came down to Las Vegas and we stayed a night down at the South Point Hotel / Casino. We had good laughs, good treats & bingo fun for all. [Suzie - Kimmy's Mom - scored $150 at bingo Saturday night. She cheated in our humble opinion - she used the stupid automatic machine. If you don't dob -- you don't win! J/K]

My mom went all out and got a suite at South Point. It was awesome -- great view, huge bathtub and room for all of us to enjoy cake & presents. Mom & I got a lovely pedicure Saturday AM -- we've got some good lookin' toes now. Thank you Mom!

Thank you to a good husband who took our crazy toddler overnight and let me sleep in past 5:45AM.

[Sorry it is all pics of Kel & the birthday girls -- I didn't take any over the weekend. Kimmy & Mom -- You can kill me later because your pictures ended up 'on the blog'.]


Lenzi said...

J E A L O U S is what I am! Sounds like a fun girl weekend! Happy b-day to the grand-mama that steals Keller!!
Looks like you've been busy working & playing! Call me soon. I'm officially outnumbered once again and will definitely need a girls night out!

The Hughes' said...

Happy Birthday to all! Sounds like such a fun weekend. With you, Kimmy, Suz, and your's bound to be a good time. Love it. It's a great way to bring in Kimmy's 30th.

The Funderburks said...

Ha Ha. Way to go Dana. Get those birthday ladies on the blog!!! I don't see enough of either one of them. Happy Birthday both of ya! Is available? I'm ready to get Kimmie connected.