Friday, August 29, 2008

Do You Like to Eat Out?

Do I have a deal for you!

Look over the restaurants in your area & you can purchase gift certificates at a discounted rate. Typically -- $25 gift certificates are $10 & $10 gift certificates are $4.
This weekend -- type in code 'LABOR' at checkout & get more than 60% off. That makes $25 gift certifcates $4 & $10 gift certificates $1.20.
Make sure to read the fine details like total cost of bill, gratuities, days of use, etc.
Used it before and LOVE it!


AshleyS said...

this website is so cool. you are like the queen of bargains. i showed this to wes and we found acouple okay places out here, but then he looked up restaurants in vegas and we realized you guys get awesome deals out there. next time we come to town, i am NOT paying full price for bajio! :-)

The Hughes' said...

Wow! Way cool. Leave it to you D to find a good deal. I love it. I'll be checking that site out right now.

Sure miss you!