Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy 24th of July - Panguitch Style

Kel and I took a roadtrip this week to Panguitch, Utah. Yes -- we decided we needed to properly celebrate Utah's pioneers in true small town style. We met up with my best friend, Kimmy, and headed to her hometown. Kimmy & most of her family hail from the sprawling metropolis of Panguitch. Her Dad's house is 100 + years & where he was raised.

My favorite things about Panguitch:

- The drive from Cedar City to Panguitch via Cedar Breaks & Panguitch Lake. I love the mountains in summertime.

- Henrie's: the local grease pit. Who can pass up a classic rootbeer freeze?

- Panguitch 24th of July Parade -- where no Panguitch parade is complete without the rodeo queen, local high school cheerleaders, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers band or the local volunteer fire department hosing the kids down at the end of the parade.

-Celebrating Suzie’s [Kimmy’s Mom] 50th birthday with a shout out from the parade announcer. Tears followed:
- A happy sunburned kid to prove he could play, play, play outside all day where it wasn't 105 degrees.
-Panguitchopoly -- the new, hottest board game in the town.
[I would have taken a picture but I feared offending the cute lady selling it because the picture would have been used in jest.]

-The sunsets.
-A trip out to Ruby's Inn near Bryce Canyon. Love Red Canyon & the tourist goodies at the gift shop.
-Catchin’ up on lots of ‘girl’ movies that I don’t take the time to watch at home.

-Keller's new cheesy smile.


Adam and Kollen Marchant Family said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun.

Lenzi said...

that looks like so much fun Dana! I'm jealous! Anywhere that has mountains, green and is not 105 sounds appealing these days! Glad you had a good time.

Jeanine said...

Oh so fun! I am glad that you get to do a small town function here and there. We don't want you guys becoming hooty snooty big city folks!

The Funderburks said...

Looks like a Southern Utah good time if I have ever seen one! Suzie is so funny.