Friday, June 20, 2008

Signing Time

My fellow Moms -- Has anyone been using Signing Time?

I LOVE it!

I picked up some first American Sign Language basics from a friend who has a little boy about the same age as Kel. It took a month or two of doing the signs repeatedly -- but around 14 months Keller started to sign back to us! It is fabulous!! He tells us when he wants 'food', he signs 'please' & 'thank you' [with urging from Mom & Dad!], and he loves to sign 'more' for anything -- food, singing, playing.

We started DVR'ing the show Signing Time on PBS and Kel will sit down for a few minutes a day and wave his hands around. He may not do it perfectly -- but it's a start.

You can see their website at It is Rachel de Azevedo-Coleman [remember LDS church artist Lex de Azevedo, ya know -- Saturday's Warrior? Rachel is his daughter.] who teaches her daughter who was born deaf and her nephew the signs along with lots of fun video clips & songs.


The Funderburks said...

I am not a mom (yet) but the whole "Signing time with Alex and Leeah" tune is so freakin' catchy. I love it!

Crescent said...

We totally LOVE signing time at our house!! I got the Baby Signing Time DVD's when Maia was just a baby--and she fell in love instantly. Now that she is talking so much she doesn't sign too much anymore, but it was so helpful for her to be able to tell us what she wanted when she was so little. I am 100% a true fan...AND my sister and her daughter met Leah, Rachel and her husband last week at a restaurant--crazy! My little niece has a Hopkins tattoo as a momento!

kevin and kalie chamberlain said...

Yes, my friends w/ kids are ALL about the signing. It's so amazing how much these kids can pick up!

Rachel Coleman said...

Thanks for the fabulous Signing Time recommendation!!

Signing Time has grown so much because of "word of mom" (and dads of course ;) Thanks for sharing us with all of your friends and family. It IS pretty amazing to see small signing children - I have a niece who is 20 months and has close to 100 signs, funny, it STILL shocks me!

Thanks again!

wakarimasho said...

cool! you got a post from rachel! i am so glad you told me about this a few months ago, hailey watches it a few times a week now and loves it. she is really good about signing "please" and "more." i've actually had the song in my head all day today "it's singing time and dancing time and laughing time and playing time..."

i will be calling you soon (today probably), looks like we may be coming through Vegas soon! :-)

wakarimasho said...

woops, this is Ashley by the way. I'm signed in under Weston's google account, "wakarimasho" is some type of Japanese word.