Monday, June 2, 2008

Baptism Weekend w/Family Fun

We headed back to Cedar City this weekend for Chad's nephew's - Dallin's - baptism. Baptism was great & we had family fun time at the Canyon Park.

Kel LOVED rolling down the hill. He giggled, giggled, giggled.....
Cousins: Makenna, Kira & Kel

Saturday night we BBQ'd at Marchant Headquarters [Grandma & Papa's]. Chad & I love the Food Network and watch Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives every week. We saw these mondo cheeseburgers on an episode. It featured the a joint that was voted 'The Best Dive Burger Bar in Sacramento, CA' where they make these burgers that have a VERY large amount on cheese that is 'steamed' on the grill that forms a 'skirt' around the burger. Well -- we gave it a shot Saturday night.

Any takers?

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The Allen Family said...

I'd take one of those any day!! Next time you're here, you better call us if you make some more skirted cheeseburgers! :) Hugs to the Marchants!