Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kel's Surgery

On May 20th Keller had an outpatient procedure/surgery to remove a brachial tubal cyst on his neck. He was born with a pore on his neck that never closed. When the pediatricians looked at it, they said it was nothing to worry about. As he has got older, clear fluid was draining from it and our pediatrician sent us to a pediatric surgeon to have a look. The pediatric surgeon defined it as a brachial tubal cyst -- essentially he had a 'tract' under this pore that connected all the way to just under his tongue. They 'went in' and took the tract out and fixed him up.

He was SUCH a trooper! As he came out of anesthesia he just sat up looked around and grabbed Elmo. We were able to bring him home an hour after the surgery was completed.

After a long afternoon nap [with Mom - My favorite thing EVER!], he was up & running [literally] by the end of the night. Chad & I are happy to have a healthy, happy, into-everything little boy.


Hali said...

Glad all went well! Hope you guys are having a good summer. Will we see you in St. George next week?

The Funderburks said...

Darling pic. Nappin' with mom. I'm glad he is well.

Jeanine said...

Poor Kel! I am glad that everything went well. I hope we get to see you all this summer. I was hoping to get a 'Maria's Apt Reunion' together when Mark and Tami got into town sometime, maybe late summer or so.

Paul & Ashley Justensen Family said...

How sad. I hate it when little kids have to go into the hospital for one reason for another. I am glad that this was minor and everything went well. He is so cute!