Friday, May 2, 2008

Dierks @ Red Rock

Chad & I went to see Dierks Bentley tonight @ the Red Rock Casino Pool. The concert was only half of the fun. The other half of the fun was the typical crazy people you meet a concert. For example:
1. The Talker. The lady that came and sat by us during the opening band [Bucky Covington -- Sorry American Idol fans, but he's a big dork!]. In 15 minutes we knew where she was born, her children's life ambitions & the fact she had the killer Mersa virus a month ago. OK.....

2. The Drunks. How fun is it to go a country concert where everyone has a long neck bottle? We pegged this chick to be the first in the pool from the moment she walked outside. She has already spent a little time at the bar. And we were right! She was in & out of the pool all night....leaving various articles of clothing -- a high heel, an outershirt -- behind. She was rockin' out and singin' along too!

3. The Fights. Another staple of a country concert. Two thug kids got into it and Security came for the smackdown. It took a good 3-5 minutes to haul this kid out.

4. The Dates. [If you are a PG blog reader -- Discontinue reading....] One cowboy decided to hire his hot date for the night -- in Vegas you get the pick of the litter! She was a classic escort & he was lovin' every penny he spent. Enough said!

Great concert. Even better people watching. What a Friday night!


Adam & Tone said...

That is hilarious, cause that is the same thing I do. EVERYWHERE!! I love watching people, but doesn't it just make you wonder what you do when you don't realize people are watching. :) I'm glad I found your blog!!

The Morris Family said...

You guys are awesome. Thats so funny. But you are in one of the best places to people watch. Thats cool that you take advantage of living in LV and go check out the cool shows. How fun!

Eardley Fam said...

Oh that is hilarious!!!! You guys know how to pick a party!

AshleyS said...

1. it's proper red-neck ettiquette to withold any information regarding yourself and a killer virus you have recently contracted, especialy when talking with someone who is stuck sitting next to you.

2. doesn't it make you wonder what you would be like drunk? i've had too many people beg me to never drink. maybe i would be just like this lady?

3. maybe they need new security. 3-5 mintues to take 1 kid out? don't these people know who to expect at a country concert?

4. lovin that it was so apparent that she was "hired help." probably good you didn't post a picture of that, just in case his wife found your blog

Malma said...

Okay, so how random is this?? I found your blog off the Brunje's Blog (Alma went to school with her). Lo and behold...I find my cousin Dana and her adorable family. Yay!
Keller is AMAZINGLY CUTE! How are you? Now we can keep tabs better via "blog world". Tell your family hi!
Matti, Alma & Bella

Malma said...

Oh yeah...our blog is:

Caytee said...

You guys are so cute! Glad I found you!

Jen said...

I had a friend go to the same concert in Salt Lake and she loved them too! I guess I should check them out :)!

My kids LOVE Elmo too!

It is so fun that you live in Vegas and can easliy go to the strip for the neat shows and then drive home and be away from it all. I wish we had "a strip" here too!

--Jen Roper

kevin and kalie chamberlain said...

Great writing--I felt like I was right there watching it! Sounds like you guys have a blast. :)

David & Erin said...

You're too funny! This is so sad, but true. I've met all those personalities at some point or another at a concert.

This is Erin Brown from SUU by the way. How's life in Vegas? Still working for SUU? Our blog is set to private, but you're welcome to send an email address my way for an invite. I'd love to keep in touch!