Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Can Help Push!

I love spring!

Today we went to Star Nursery to pick up some flowers & plants for the backyard. Keller did not want to ride in the wagon -- but help push it!


AshleyS said...

it's crazy how cute he is dana! post pics of your backyard so we can see how it turned out. oh, and wes loved the pic of keller/jim. maybe we can somehow get one of hailey looking like pam! haha

Jeanine said...

Yes, please post pictures of your backyard we would love to see. He is soo cute! We need to plan a trip down there!

Jen said...

Such a fun stage when they want to "help" with everything!

Love the "Jim" picture--he does look just like him. We are HUGE "Office" fans in our house!

--Jen Roper

Lenzi said...

I have backyard envy!! I need to come see your back yard so I can get inspiration to fill the "dirt hole" we call our back yard!!

The Washburns said...

He looks like a marchant!!! So cute! Just telling everyone about my new blog becuase my old one is messed up!
Love you guys!
McCall (marchant)

Shakespear Family said...

We are excited! I love Keller's impression of Jim! Does he like a girl named Pam?