Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Tuesday

I am married to a political junkie. Who knew?

2008 is exciting for Chad. He has been WAY into the debates, the analysis, the name it. He comes home on key days [debates, primaries & caucus days] and switches between MSNBC, CNN & Fox News for hours.

Caucus Day here in Nevada was HUGE for him! We attended the Republican Caucus and then he came home to 'Campaign Headquarters' [our couch] and got all the latest updates ALL day. He came home early yesterday afternoon to start watching results come in from Super Tuesday. He has dubbed himself the 'President' of the house, Keller is 'First Baby / Vice President' and to get him worked up, I have dubbed myself every other position in the Cabinet, i.e. 'Secretary of Health & Human Service' [I know all the doctor's phone numbers], Secretary of Treasury [I do the bills], etc.

He was a bit disappointed in the results from last night. [He loves Mitt.] But, he's determined to ride it out until November.

Here's Chad at 'Campaign Headquarters' yesterday.


Kimberly said...

He sounds like my Mikey to a T!
LOL I knew Mike had some of my family traights in him! haha

Lenzi Woodbury said...

Way to be supportive Mrs. Marchant! I've never met anyone that loves the election process more than Chad. The bad thing is, this isn't ending any time soon! *Call me when you've had enough and we'll get another pedicure to take away this periwinkle nightmare on my feet! :)

Jeanine said...

We always knew that you were married to a politic junkie! Chad has politics written all over him! That is hilarious. I have been in it more this year than before because Del gets so wrapped up in it. I'm sure that is why Mitt lost because I started to care. Thats what happens to every sporting team, or anybody trying to win something. If I start caring, they start losing. So tell Chad I am sorry about Mitt in Super Tuesday but I am now stepping out and vowing not to watch or read another political headline.

Adam and Kollen Marchant Family said...

Wow, I think of all the marchant's (our family) and would have never of guessed chad to be a political junkie. Poor you having to sit through the hours of politics on T.V. I would go nuts.